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Common technical caracteristics for all simulations

All these simulations contain:

  • An administrator module allows :
    • the input of the administrator scenario,,
    • the input of decisions of the participants or their importation via disk, local network on Internet,
    • the execution of the simulation (with return if necessary),
    • the printing of the results,
    • the distribution of the results via disk, local network ou Internet.
  • A player module allows each member ot the team to make decisions and to print out the results.
  • A synthesis module for the administrator and the player.

Several modalities are available for using these simulations :

  • In the simplest one, each firm puts back for the animator his decision paper, the animator makes the decisions, executes the simulation, prints and distributes the results.
  • If each firm has a computer, it will go back directly to the logiciel player module. In this case, the transferal of decisions can be done :
    • by disk
    • by local network
    • or via Internet.

To help taking decisions, the software is able to export data using Excel, Lotus or Works format.

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