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Managing a range of cosmetic products for mass distribution


The simulated company is a commercial subsidiary of an international cosmetics group. The Group, which maintains its leadership position thanks to its research policy and its marketing know-how, has patented an LPX agent to use in anti-ageing skin products.

The company was created to develop and market a new range of LPX anti-wrinkle products, exclusively for the mass distribution market within your country. This type of product was not previously available in this kind of distribution channel and there is, therefore, huge potential for development. The subsidiary does not manufacture the products it sells. At its request the products are manufactured by another of the group's subsidiaries, to which the supply contracts are passed.

Kallystee allows the players to discover and grasp the reality of problems concerning positioning, value for money, general public and trade marketing, reference listing, discounting and so on, in the world of mass distribution. In this highly competitive environment results depend to a large extent on decisions made by competitors. However the promise of growth in this reference market also creates a relatively safe learning environment, ideal for initial management training or increasing functional skills. With this in mind the simulation handbook is accompanied by a general glossary explaining the concepts and vocabulary of management. The training deals with all the major aspects of management (strategy, marketing, finances, accounting and supply), except for production and human resources. Published accounts make it easy to carry out economic contribution analyses both by product and by break even point. Moreover, Kallystee is easily accessible and lends itself well to forecasting and the analysis of objective / accomplishment gaps.

Target audience

Kallystee highlights the importance of team work and global responsibility. It targets people undertaking:

  • Initial training: It provides an introduction to management and a synthesis of functional skills training, especially for students in business schools. It has already been used by several thousand students over many years.
  • Specialised training or continuing education: For those who hope either to gain broader experience and find new openings, or to extend their functions (especially for those with commercial functions, at administrative or shopfloor level). It has used for many years by both the producers and distributors of consumer goods.


The company must make decisions about the quality and the quantity of the products it commercialises, their reference listing and their promotion (distribu tors and consumers). It must also manage the products development, supply and commercial support, find the right quality/price ratio and ensure the business fina ncial survival.

Players make a maximum of 35 decisions, depending on the number of products commercialised (8 decisions specific to each product, 11 joint decisions of which 4 concer n finance), as well as 4 forecast indications.


  • English
  • French

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