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New technologies impact

Management simulations have been in use for a few years. New technologies are now providing new ways to expand and their use both in traditional and new fields.

These new use range from seminars to distant learning. In the form of groupware tools, new technologies dramatically enhance collaboration, team work and information sharing.

The tools can be used in a few ways:

  • Using only one computer for the administrator, and using paper-based transmissions between the team members
  • Using a computer for each team and using electronic transfers (using a LAN, the Internet, removable media, etc.)

When using the Internet for communications, participants may either use a windows-based software or a web-based online interface.


Each business game can have many objectives:

  • As a game it can help make the learning processes of acquisition, reinforcement and evaluation easier.
  • It can create a group dynamic and allow the teacher to evaluate individual and team skills.
  • It allows a greater understanding of the difficulties of defining, applying and controlling a business strategy.

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